PhoneGap is really an attractive development platform for building mobile applications for providing mobile developers

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PhoneGap is an open source development framework for providing web developers, the facility to build hybrid mobile applications using powerful features of  HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. PhoneGap applications and utilities are also created and are available like indigenous applications with open standards and are not web-based virtually. Our committed PhoneGap developers team create fast and agile mobile web apps using their skills in HTML and JavaSript. We have development teams for PhoneGaps apps who focus on mobile application development using experience and skill together. It is a fact that due to its hybrid nature PhoneGap is gaining momentum in industry.

The development team at GBS offer their services for mobile app development using PhoneGap. We have capability and skill to provide premium development services in cross-platform development. Our developers have massive experience at hand of working in the industry in all catagories of PhoneGap Development. Using only JavaScript and HTML PhoneGap is becoming an attractive platform for creating mobile applications for multiple devices including iPhone.



PhoneGap is a very convenient and attractive tool for developing apps for multiple devices using as less as only HTML and JavaScript. We are providing start to end consultancy and embedding facilitation to organizations for complete software setup, mobile devices and web UIs via our PhoneGap development team.

It will help if you contact us for hiring PhoneGap Developers or a complete team for you development requirements whether they are custom or application development or a contract with another company that requires PhoneGap Development services.We are open to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement under which your app ideas and the app stay as your copyright. Once the project is completed, we transfer the source code and graphics to you. You hold the exclusive rights to use the app as per your discretion.


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