This article will guide you to how you can setup PHP version in IIS Manager. This article also explain how you can update your Php version from previous version or you can degrade the php version.

  • Download the php the latest version of php from here . You can also download the previous version releases of php from Here

  • Download Zip file in the folder.

  • Extract the zip file in PHP folder “C:\Program Files\PHP”.
    (Note: you can create new folder PHP if not already exist and extract , if its already exist extract the downloaded zip file).

  • Now Right Click and Select system properties.

  • From properties window select “Advance system Settings”

  • From Advance tab Click “Environment Variable” to add new environment variable.

  • Select “path” form system variables section and click Edit.

  • Edit variable value and add the path of the new downloaded PHP version folder.
    e.g “C:\Program Files\PHP\v7.2.13;”

  • Goto IIS Manager -> php manager

  • Click On “Register new PHP version” and add path to “php CGI” file and “Click OK” .

  • Click On “Change PHP version” and Select path or Version from dropdown and “Click OK” to select new php version.

  • Restart IIS Manager/Site to to apply new settings.

  • Done.

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